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Lost Book of Remedies

The book contains 169 plants, mushrooms and lichins that could be found in your backyard. Many pills with dangerous side-effects can be replaced by the plants.

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Sensitive Teeth and Gums

Sensitive teeth and gums are a definite painful  problem.  The product creator almost died chocked when a tooth broke off while asleep.  Do you have milk teeth so you do not eat any foods that have a hard texture?  A special natural formula to keep sensitivity down and make fewer trips to the dentist,

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Litterbox Train Your Cat

One of the worse problems with owning a cat is that it can stray in places in your house.  You can smell it but are not sure where to find the smell.  A litterbox trained cat is a must for your house to stay clean and fresh smelling.

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litter box training

Train Your Dog

Dogs can be a joy to you but an unrully dog can turn your life into dog chaos.  Train your dog early. You and your dog will be much happier.

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Connie Marie

Please Train Me

Free Book for dog games

Flat Belly Tonic

Litter Box Trsining
Steele Bite Pro-Sensitive Teeth & Gums

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Csll Venter-Florish or Flop
Cinderella Solution
Lost Book of Remedies
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